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Idris Khan and Landscapes

Posted in Landscapes with tags , , on March 12, 2012 by moetdigitalphotography

Artist Idris Khan creates multi-layered photos, often of appropriated art and books, in a way that both augments the aura of the original and reveals the trace of his own hand. Khan’s work explores the history of photography and literature, the beauty of repetition and the anxieties of authorship.  I personally love these photographs and wanted to emulate his style within my own photography of landscapes.

Idris Khan

Idris Khan

I photographed historical monuments and places in Coventry. Lady Godiva is a statue situated in the centre of Coventry and is world famous. Lady Godiva, was an 11th century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. Meanwhile, the War Memorial Park pays tribute to those who gave their lives in the war. I also photographed the statue of St. Michael and the Devil, a sculpture by Sir Jacob Epstein, which is on the walls of the Cathedral. I thought it would be interesting to photograph this religious and philosophical monument that exists within Coventry.

'Lady Godiva' Sophie Moet

'War Memorial Park' Sophie Moet

'St. Michael and The Devil' Sophie Moet

I overlapped multiple photographs of the same place/monument to create a blurred effect similar to Indris Khan, which worked effectively in creating haunting imagery. I also manipulated them by converting the images to black and white, thus emphasizing Khan’s haunting effect present in his photographs. However, I don’t think these photographs as images are that great and could have been a lot better if I took more photographs.