Coventry Landscapes

'Up' Sophie Moet

I was inspired by The Bechers’ images, which consist of multiple photographs of the same or similar buildings placed next to one another from different viewpoints. In this photo I used two images of two structures (a statue and the arches by Coventry Transport Museum), which are situated close to one another. I took both photos from a low viewpoint. I then created a sort of optical illusion by repeating and flipping the same images to create a pattern. I also converted it to black and white like The Bechers’ photographs.

'Up Two' Sophie Moet

In this photo I was inspired by Tim Hetherington’s “Places” shots, which feature photographs of urban landscapes taken from a high viewpoint. To create an interesting contrast  I decided to combine photos taken from both a low and a high viewpoint to create similarly eye-catching effects.

'Up Three' Sophie Moet


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